The most difficult thing in writing an essay, like any prose work, is the orderly presentation of theses and arguments based on theorists or famous philosophers, historians, etc. An essay online writer on any subject implies broad knowledge of various sciences that are directly or directly included in the course of this subject. To get a high score, it’s not enough to know how to write an essay, you need to practice writing short and meaningful essays that answer different questions.

One of the successful teaching methods is to write different essays on one topic, and, despite the complexity of this approach, it gives excellent results. You can also learn to write essays on ready-made successful and unsuccessful examples of essays on one topic.

How I write an essay, do I need a clear essay plan, what criteria should the essay meet?

Despite the creative component of the essay, as an artistic genre, the writing plan should be. It is not necessary to enter it into the finished work, but it is necessary to be guided by it, otherwise the presentation will be muddled, illogical. It’s impossible to write a good essay at once; you’ll have to rewrite it to express your thoughts on the subject of the essay as concisely as possible.

The topic of the essay should be chosen on the basis of your knowledge, so that the arguments that you will give in defense of your opinion are supported by authoritative sources, but at the same time your individual opinion is clearly highlighted. Of course, this is not a selection of a font or color, but only clarity of presentation, accuracy of expression. “Learn from the greats” – this is true, because aphorisms and sayings of writers, actors, and scientists are precisely so firmly fixed in our memory that they are logical and accurate. Be sure to use phrases like “the meaning of a great utterance …. I see that ….” – you simultaneously show your knowledge on this issue and express your agreement with the opinion of the author of the utterance.

So, how to write an essay outline? An essay must meet several criteria:

  1. Your understanding of the meaning of the proposed statement should be disclosed. It should be stated clearly, clearly and briefly.
  2. The topic is revealed with the support of theoretical concepts, the provisions of science, relevant conclusions, and opinions of authoritative people in this field.
  3. The level of expression of your opinion on the topic of the essay, the substantiation of the point of view using both social and philosophical factors is always evaluated.
  4. In the essay, if it is written for any technical specialty, scientific terms should be used; here one cannot dispense with everyday opinion or examples from social life. The use of scientific reasoning will be a huge “plus” to your evidence.
  5. You should not use in the text of the essay the words of the author of the statement in an unchanged form, it is better to rephrase them and at the same time it is unimportant whether you agree with this statement or not.

Be sure to highlight the conclusions of the essay as a separate paragraph, in which you should formulate your thoughts as clearly as possible. Based on the vastness of the subject, we recommend consulting with experts in the field of essay, learning to write short essays or answers to socially significant topics. We offer you to write essay cheap and we suggest to your attention services for the implementation of such papers as: dissertations, term papers on psychology and other subjects, tasks in mathematics or semester papers on the desired subject.